some publications:

2018 International Law under Attack by Geostrategic Tensions between world's leading Nations
Collective Monograph: Topical Issues Problems of Modern Law and Economics in Europe and Asia Vol. II,
published by Kutafin Moscow State Law University/Association of Russian Diplomats/Association of Russian
Lawyers/Yustitsinform, Moscow 2018, Page 44, ISBN 978-5-7205-1496-9
Available at SSRN:
2018 Are Blockchains and Cypercurrencies demanding a new legislative Framework?
published in Journal Law and Digital Economy No. 1 (01) 2018, Publisher: Kutafin Moscow State Law University,
Moscow 2018, Page 12, Roskomnadzor Reg: PI No. FS 77 – 72703
Available at SSRN:
2018 The Challenge of Education of Refugee Children to Avoid Creating Tomorrow's Extremists
Collection: Law, Ethics and Socity : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, published by Johann Heinrich
Pestalozzi University Press, Miami, FL 2019, Page 55, ISBN 9-781-7335-3711-7
Available at SSRN:
2017 Blockchains and Cybercurrencies challenging Anti-Trust and Competition Law
published in the Journal of Entrepreneurial and Corporate Law, Publisher: Yuridicheskiy Dom, Moscow 2018,
Page 58, Roskomnadzor Reg: ПИ № ФС77-65454
Available at SSRN:
2017 Legislative Regulations to prevent Terrorism and Organized Crime from using Cryptocurrencies
and its Effect on the Economy and Society, Co-Author Theodor G. Seitz, LL.M., M.A. (HSG),
Monograph : Legal Impact on the Economy : Methods, Results, Perspectives, published by Lomonosov Moscow
State University, Law Faculty, Business Law Department, Moscow 218, Page 275, ISBN 9-785-7205-1428-0
Available at SSRN:
2017 Financing of Combatants in Asymmetric Conflicts
Asymmetry and Strategy: Thematic Collection of Articles, published by Ministry of Defence of the Republic of
Serbia, University of Defence Strategic Research Institute & National Defence School, Belgrade 2018,
Page 475, ISBN 978-86-81121-17-7
Available at SSRN: